Final Fantasy 14 TV series that no one remembers existing is officially “dead”

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You probably don’t remember, but one was announced in 2019. Final Fantasy 14 TV series. What happened to him? AND “dead“, according to Dinesh Shamdasani, co-founder of one of the production companies.

As you can see in the tweet below, Dinesh Shamdasani responded to a fan asking for an update on the Final Fantasy 14 live-action series by stating that he had died. The reason is simple: It would cost too much and no one wanted to risk it.

Openly Shamdasani He wrote: “It’s dead. We pitched a great pilot script by Ben Lustig and Jake Thornton, as well as a multi-season roadmap we created with our showrunners, but it was generally rejected. And the size and scale required to do it well proved that.” “That’s too much for anyone willing to take the risk. Amazon was the closest.”

Jake Thornton added that the series is as follows: Also eliminated due to Covid. They tried to offer this just when companies were starting to close their wallets, and unfortunately no one could be found interested.

Could the series be reborn in other formats?

Another fan then asked if there was any chance of the Final Fantasy 14 series returning in another format. animation product.

Shamdasani states: it would be even harder do it in this format and added that the usage rights for Final Fantasy 14 are in Japan, implying that it has no control over the IP.

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