Final Fantasy 14: Trailers for Danwtrail, Hrothgar race, Pictomancer class and new areas

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Square Enix posted some of them on its YouTube channel trailer related to Final Fantasy 14 Dedicated to some of the new features that come with the wait Dawntrail expansionespecially the new female race Hrothgar, the new playable class Pyctomancer, the city of Solution Nine, and some of the dungeons we will encounter.

Starting from the new race, Hrothgar are a native population of Ilsabard with muscular humanoid feline characteristics. The male version of this class was introduced in the Shadowbringers expansion, now it’s the female version’s turn.

PictomiserHowever, it is one of two new Jobs that will be introduced with Dawntrail. The other is Viper, a short-range DPS who reminds me of Zidan from Final Fantasy 9 in some ways. Pictomancer is a class equipped with a brush and specializing in remote-cast spells and special and colorful cartoon-style visual effects. It fascinates in perfect harmony with the painter’s design. It will be possible to get this Job from the city of Gridania, with the starting level set at 80.

Also added to Pictomancer and Viper: beastmasterA new Limited Job that will be available at a later time after the launch of Dawntrail. Details on the plot are scarce for now, but we assume he specializes in leading previously captured monsters into battle.

New city and dungeon

Ninth Solution A new city introduced at Fanfest 2024, which took place a few hours ago. Unlike Tuliyollal, which we will begin to explore in Dawntrail, and the exotic environments of the Tural continent in general, Solution Nine presents itself as a technologically advanced metropolis characterized by huge skyscrapers built by a completely different civilization.

The latest trailer teases some things instead new dungeons This situation that we will have to face together with other players in Dawntrail promises to represent an interesting challenge, but the highlight will undoubtedly be represented by the new The Arcadion raid series set in Solution Nine.

We remind you that Final Fantasy 14: Dawntrail will be available on PS5, PS4 and Xbox Series. A new cinematic trailer was also presented during the Fan Fest, revealing a new active player record for Square Enix’s MMO.

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