Fancy a Staycation?

For those that are lucky enough to call Jamaica ‘home’, many are now deciding to have a ‘staycation’ as opposed to heading abroad. For the majority of 2020, local Jamaicans have headed in larger numbers to Green Castle’s 1,600 acres / 6.5 km2 for everything from half-term, National Heroes Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas and everything in-between. We have started to take bookings from locals for New Year, Easter holidays and general Summer vacations. The benefits of staying local are clearly evident with less risk of travelling abroad as well as benefitting the local economy.

Green Castle is ideally placed in Robin’s Bay, just an hour from the main population centres of Ocho Rios, Kingston and Port Antonio, yet far away enough to feel like you really are vacationing in another country. With 20 miles / 32 km2 of hiking trails contained within our own private rainforest, a beautiful coastline where you can swim and snorkel at Jack’s Bay, there is something for everyone. Added to that is Green Castle’s fascinating history which covers everything from having some of the most prominent Jamaican families having lived and worked at Green Castle, through to evidence of Jamaica’s earliest inhabitants, the Jamaica Tainos.

Social distancing at Green Castle isn’t a problem either. Located within the Northern Resilient Corridor, all of Green Castle’s rooms are accessible from the ground floor and the hotel itself adheres to the most stringent levels of Covid-19 hygiene protocols for your safety. There have been no cases to date of Coronavirus at Green Castle.

There are a wide range of accommodation options to suit all budgets. And if you don’t fancy a vacation, you can even visit just for a day trip. Why not take our Green Castle Estate Tour and have afternoon tea?

To find out more about how we can help you plan your visit, whether for a day trip, weekend break or longer vacation, contact us now.