Elden Ring: A mysterious DLC has appeared on Steam, does it concern Shadow of the Erdtree?

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Based on what was reported by SteamDBA mysterious additional content appeared in the section of a site that constantly scans the Steam database. Elden Ring DLCFrankly it makes us think about the next possible arrival Erdtree’s Shadow.

Again, this is extremely vague information, but the emerging clues seem to point to possible news for the highly anticipated DLC for FromSoftware’s long-announced and hitherto virtually unseen action role-playing game.

The question is: As seen on SteamDB, in the section dedicated to Elden Ring DLC, a new and mysterious entry has appeared in the last few hours, apparently related to new content. unknown application.

Steam database partition looks like the correct one

Screenshot showing mysterious new app appearing on SteamDB

“Unknown Application 2778580” falls under: additional content The new version of Elden Ring was added last week and now includes a DLC Pack for pre-orders, alongside content like the guide, digital artwork book and soundtrack, and other additional content.

It seems clear that this is a descriptive New content will be added to Elden Ring, and the timing makes that questionable given that only the major Shadow of the Erdtree expansion is coming to the game at this point.

The truth is defined as “APPLICATION” suggests that this is an executable, so it’s a real part of the game, waiting to be understood more. The code was released 5 days ago, but was only added to Elden Ring’s DLC section today, which explains why it hadn’t appeared before.

Essentially, this section collects all the downloadable items tied to Elden Ring that can be purchased separately; therefore it does not include the Colosseum, suggesting a paid expansion as we all expected.

On the other hand, a possible release month was revealed last month in a leak linked to Thrustmaster, with February 2024 reported as a possible launch, so it may be time for an announcement.

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