Elden Ring: A mobile game will be developed by Tencent, details from a report

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According to Reuters portal sources, Tencent one will develop game for mobile devices based on Hand Ring.

The company reportedly purchased the rights from FromSoftware in 2022, acquiring a 16% stake in the studio the same year and tasking a team of several dozen people with working on a prototype.

Still a project on the high seas

Tencent’s goal will be to win the championship free to play with in-app purchasesSimilar to Genshin Impact, however, Elden Ring’s design contradicts this monetization methodology.

However, according to what is read in the report; It has been reported that the work is progressing slowly and hence it is likely that the release of this “Elden Ring Mobile” is still far away, provided the rumor is always true.

In fact, the Chinese giant has never announced any project closely linked to spirits like FromSoftware and has not yet made an official comment on the article published by Reuters. It must be said that the hypothesis of a licensed Elden Ring mobile game does not seem absurd at all, considering that Tencent has canceled NieR, another mobile game based on a successful Square Enix series.

Meanwhile, completely different news awaits Elden Ring fans with the long-awaited Shadow of the Erdtree expansion, which appears to be in the final stages of development according to some clues discovered on Steam.

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