We often throw around terms like ‘eco-friendly’ or ‘eco-resort’. And now especially with the global move towards eco-friendly and sustainable tourism – it’s more important than ever we embrace these terms and the meaning behind them. So, what do we mean when we use them in relation to Green Castle?…

Going green takes on a whole new meaning with Green Castle. We have 1600 acres of private rainforest for visitors and guests to enjoy. 20 miles of hiking trails and an abundance of natural wonders both physical and of the wildlife variety.

Aside from its rainforest, Green Castle is blessed in that it has many streams, waterways, ponds and waterfalls to explore. It also is a haven for wildlife. It is world-famous for birds – with several world-records having been broken there. It also has an abundance of other natural wildlife including a wide variety of lizards.

All of the produce we use at Green Castle is sourced locally – fruit, meat and fish. Additionally, we are lucky to have some amazing ecological sites to visit, from Jack’s Bay Beach to the Haughton River. We have wild horses, Green Castle Cliffs and Reservoir plus a variety of other animals, insects and birds. Hidden gems like Robin’s Bay and Portland Parish offer an opportunity to meet Jamaicans and appreciate what Caribbean life is really like. Green Castle eco resort sits on 1,600-acres / 6.5km2 in northern Jamaica. Though the estate itself has changed hands throughout the centuries with some of the island’s most prominent families, traces of its first inhabitants, the Jamaica Tainos date back to the 10th century – read more about the history of Green Castle. Green Castle works hard to combine eco-tourism in Jamaica with looking after the environment and the land. It employs local people. Staff prepare meals using food from a farm on the property or produce bought at local markets. It uses partial solar energy, harvests rainwater and uses natural forms of cooling instead of traditional air conditioning.

Over the centuries, Green Castle Estate in one form or another has been used to raise cotton, pimento, indigo, sugar cane, cocoa and ginger. And latterly thrived as a banana plantation. At one stage, Green Castle used to be the largest grower of orchids in Jamaica. Today, organic honey and coconut oil are produced on the estate and parts of it are still used for local farming. Remnants of these fascinating industries and Jamaican culture are still visible within Green Castle’s 1,600 acres. Visitors looking to enjoy an eco-vacation in Jamaica come for a chance to relax, enjoy walking or hiking within Green Castle’s 20 miles of rainforest and secluded coastal trails, explore our old colonial ruins or visit the natural eco-beach close by. We’ve even got our own 30ft waterfall with which you can bathe in its spring-fed waters.

To help give you the perfect eco vacation in Jamaica, Green Castle can also help in organizing many different eco adventure activities including fishing trips with locals and kayaking off the coast. You can find out more information on the fun things to do in Jamaica here. You can also book one of our Green Castle Estate Tours either as part of your vacation or a day trip. This includes visiting many of the historical attractions that Green Castle has to offer including Jamaica Taino burial sites and village dating back to the 10th century and our 500-year-old Windmill Tower which includes wooden timbers that have been radiocarbon dated back to the 14th century.

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