Dungeons of Hinterberg: fantasy action RPG release date delayed on Xbox, PC and Game Pass

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Publisher Curve Games and Microbird developers announced that the game’s release date has been postponed Hinterberg Dungeons. Previous promising action RPG mixed with social elements, planned for spring postponed to summer. At launch, Xbox Series X|S will be available on PC and in the PC and Xbox Game Pass catalogue.

The announcement was accompanied by a new trailer released at IGN Fan Fest 2024, which gave an overview of the game’s key features, which you can see below.

Dungeon searching on holiday in the Alps

Hinterberg Dungeons, action RPG It’s set in a fantasy version of our world where hunting tourists in dungeons is considered the perfect vacation. In this context, we will take on the role of Luisa, an adventurer in pursuit of strong emotions, who decides to travel to the Hinterberg, a fantastic version of the Austrian Alps and which forms the background of the events of the game. During the adventure, we will be able to explore mountains and forests far and wide in search of hidden dungeons and monsters to defeat.

The game is also mainly social component: At the end of each virtual day we will be able to return to the village and interact with various secondary characters, thereby discovering more details about the story, discovering the locations of new dungeons, and sometimes even learning new spells, attack skills and crafting recipes. .

If you want to learn more, here’s our review of Hinterberg Dungeons published last year.

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