Dune: Awakening is a video about building bases in Funcom’s survival MMO

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Dune: Awakening partially revealed in this short video focusing on the construction of foundations In the game we remember Survival with MMO elements It is set in the science fiction universe created by Frank Herbert and being developed at Funcom.

Lead game designer Leo Welter, who was involved in the development of the game, briefly explains some aspects of this key component of the game, namely the construction of a base that acts as a central element for gathering resources and planning actions on the surface. Arrakis.

As briefly explained in the video, building the base is one of the first actions to be taken at the beginning of the game, but evolution It accompanies almost the entire duration of Dune: Awakening, and given that it is a game with online components, it will increase exponentially over time.

A foundation for life

Dune: Awakening, an image from the trailer

At the beginning of the game, we can claim a piece of land and from there our climb to success begins: structure It is clear that initially it will be very simple and small, but it can be expanded, enriched, constantly improved.

Architecture and technology The practicality comes directly from the style introduced by the original Dune, and there are also aesthetic influences from the new film trilogy, as we can see in the said film.

Applicable machinery and decorationWith additional structures that can be unlocked as you progress through the game. Given the known danger of Arrakis, it would be essential to prepare the base with, for example, shields and defense systems.

Announced in August 2022, Dune: Awakening was further detailed in a video interview with the developers over the summer. There’s no release date yet, but it’s expected to come to PC, PS5, and Xbox Series

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