DOOM: Trademark registered by Bethesda indicates that a new chapter is coming

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On January 9, 2024, Bethesda registered the trademark “IDKFA“, we immediately begin speculating about an upcoming presentation new chapter of the series Apocalypse. This strange word won’t mean much to most people, but it’s actually a direct and obvious reference to the original episodes, those from the Carmack and Romero era.

IDKFA is actually one of the most famous cheat codes for DOOM and DOOM 2, and when entered it gives the player all keys, all weapons, and all ammo. It can be used infinite times throughout a level to stock up on supplies to face enemies. The word itself also has a definite meaning. ID means software ID, K means keys (keys in English) and FA means full ammo (full ammo in English).

Destiny is sealed

There record It doesn’t have a lot of detail per se, but overall there’s little doubt that it has nothing to do with DOOM, although there’s always a possibility of error.

As the Xbox Developer Direct, which we will hold tomorrow, January 18, and which we will follow live, is approaching, there are some who are starting to hope that the new DOOM will be announced surprisingly in the evening. a fifth game in addition to those previously announced.

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