Disney Dreamlight Valley Review: Animal Crossing meets Disney

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Disney Dreamlight Valley Review | We all know very well how successful the last part of the epic was. animal crossing. Many hours of our lives are spent catching insects, fishing, picking fruit, furnishing our house and beautifying our island. If all this is not enough for you Gameloft Montreal He thought about developing his own special field Animal crossing: inside Disney Dreamlight Valley In fact, you will be able to interact with numerous characters from the famous American animation house and thus create your own personal valley of dreams. Here is the review VMAG!

A valley in danger

Before entering the magical world Disney, we have to create our hero with a functional but not very original editor. Once we create our avatar we can finally enter the magical and dark world. Dreamlight Valley: In fact, the entire valley is surrounded by dark thorny bushes that distort the entire surrounding environment. We will contact you immediately Myrtlewise wizard The sword in the stone, who told us what happened: the ruler of Dreamlight Valley disappeared and The Valley fell victim to Obliviona dark evil force that destroyed most of its inhabitants’ memories. The latter then escaped to the respective worlds but all of them failed to escape and became trapped in the valley.

Thanks to your help Myrtlewe discover what we have magic power to destroy blackberries and by doing so we can make our way into the valley and free the various Disney characters that live here. Our mission is easy to understand, save the entire valley from Oblivion May it bring peace and tranquility to its lands and among its inhabitants.


A world of events

Once you are familiar with the game map and rescue the first characters to interact from the blackberry bushes, world of things to do. But let’s go in order: As soon as we reach the valley, we will be able to reach ours. proves, It will be cleaned and furnished according to your taste. The level of customization is not bad. Furniture materials can be produced by us or purchased from the appropriate store. Uncle Scrooge.

From the beginning, we will have five objects This will allow us to carry out various activities scattered throughout the valley: thank you We can take care of our crops in the watering canwith We will be able to fish with a fishing rod in every available body of water, We will break rocks with a pickaxe who will give us money or precious stones shovel can dig anywhere to search for objects and make holes in which to plant our seeds. With Finally we can take selfies with the camera or photograph specific objects or people to solve a task. All these activities will take up a significant amount of time and Even though boredom is near, The satisfaction of finding certain objects will reward you deservedly.


He who finds a friend finds the treasure

The interesting and central mechanic of the title is this: improve your friendships. As we mentioned before, by clearing the valley from blackberries we will be able to come into contact with a large number of characters. Disney Those who do not leave their lands, Unlock useful structures to purchase items and developing relationships that will benefit us in the long run. Uncle Scrooge’s shop, together Pippo’s loom, These are two of the thousands of examples we can give you.

Beyond that it will be possible talk to them all, give him stuff or Let us accompany you in our activities It will bring us bonuses when we decide to devote ourselves to agriculture or fishing. They will also give us tasks. Once this is completed, we will not only increase our friendship level, but also the bonuses that these characters will offer us. Quests, then, are closely linked to the progression of the plot and are necessary to access other parts of the valley.


One valley, a thousand worlds

As mentioned before, there are all the characters in the valley who, with the coming of Oblivion, were unable to escape to their own worlds and therefore remained trapped. What about everyone else? Of course, the most fun mechanic of the game is Unlock various Disney worlds, meet the corresponding hero and solve your special task.

However, the unlocked worlds are not explorable areas, but rather Very small areas where we will stay until the mission is completed: Even though they are small, they are full of details and music that faithfully capture the movie Disney reference. Therefore the title clearly Basic graphics without extreme peaksIt has the ability to grab you and drag you away, making you forget about boring and repetitive actions.


Disney Dreamlight Valley succeeds magnificently in offering an alternative to the massive success of Animal Crossing. The game world is well-built and diverse, with biomes to explore and experience; Various Disney characters are cared for down to the smallest detail and know how to please both adults and children. We can guarantee you that fishing for hours in the company of Goofy has never been this relaxing. Despite this, the game suffers from a certain tedious repetition of actions and an extremely low drop rate of useful items. With its effective, if not extraordinary, graphics and remarkable sound section, Disney Dreamlight Valley is waiting for you with all its characters to defeat Oblivion and bring peace back to the valley.

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