Diablo 4: Season mechanics are game-breaking as long as they’re fun

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In a new interview published by PCGamesN, Diablo general manager Rod Fergusson and Diablo production director Tiffany Wat said: Advantages of seasonal structure related to Diablo 4 It’s a chance to try new mechanics and new game systems in a unique way, despite the risk of completely breaking the game.

PCGamesN asked Wat and Fergusson The team’s goal for future seasons is to take fan-favorite mechanics and bring them back in a new format. “We’re definitely trying,” Wat tells us. “I’ve had a lot of discussions with (co-game director) Joe Piepiora, and he’s talked at length about this. It’s something we’ve tried, and we’ve heard that a lot of people loved the season one powers.”

“I think the seasons are an opportunity for us. upset the balance Sometimes,” says Wat, “finding ways to break the game is part of the incredible fun of ARPGS. So why does the seasonal mechanic work so well? Because every season you have a new opportunity to introduce a new style of play, to find a new crazy power.”

Will Diablo 4’s best powers stick around from season to season?

Diablo 4 is now in its second season

Being able to experiment and introduce incredible powers from season to season also means that game balance will be irreparably affected in the long term; Therefore, there is an idea that not everything that is introduced will remain in the game. Some new features from each season will be retained, while others will be removed. Everything will also depend on the reaction of the players.

According to the statements of Blizzard members, the purpose is to A fun game even at the expense of not finding the perfect balance. Finally, let us remind you that Diablo 4 Vessel of Hatred was shown with a teaser trailer at BlizzCon.

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