Diablo 4: Midwinter Sickle Christmas event starts today with lots of rewards

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Starting today, you can get into the festive spirit thanks to the Christmas event. Diablo 4, Midwinter Sicknesswill start today, December 12, at 19.00 Italian timeand will continue until the same time on January 2, 2024.

It will be possible to participate in this limited-time event by playing the game. Seasonal Kingdom World Rank I or higher. Gileon the Bard wants to bring some holiday spirit to Sanctuary and plans to decorate Midwinter Square in Kyovashad for the event. There’s only one problem: The decorations are missing!

To get these, you’ll need to go to the Shattered Hills and gut them. Plague Demons Use the pale blue to obtain the “Plague Shards” and destroy the Glacial Shells to obtain the “Lost Relics”, which apparently represent the perfect decorations in the Sanctuary.

Players will also be able to try their hand at it. Massacre of plague victimsThey will have to destroy the demons who erected terrible Totems in the Shattered Hills and eventually defeat their commander, the Red Cloaked Horror.

Prizes are up for grabs

By defeating the horrors that lurk among the snowy peaks, you will receive Plague Shards, Lost Relics, and other resources of the Midwinter Plague; you can exchange them for Midwinter Trials and use them to recover. various awardslike the mount trophy, class rear trophies, cosmetic weapons, Dawn Shard legendary attack skin, Gileon’s Blend and more.

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