Deep Rock Galactic: Season 5 announced in detail by Ghost Ship Games

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Ghost Ship Games announced Season 5 related to Deep Rock Galacticwill bring about the difference innovation For a cooperative first-person shooter game with a fantasy/sci-fi setting.

The game has reached its sixth anniversary and continues to rely on a resolutely active community of players, and the success of the formula is also confirmed by the excellent response to the new Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor.

Despite the passage of time, the development team continues to support the game even with Season 5 on the way. As reported in the developers’ video diary on the subject, there are a large number of new elements that characterize the season in question.

This is a season themed around the beginning of Rogue Core, and will bring a new type of research-based quest, new enemies, and a classic-style Performance Pass, as well as various improvements for main weapons.

Lots of news for the sixth anniversary

Deep Rock Galactic, an image from the game

Season 5 will also bring a TV series optimizationsan improved filtering system for cosmetics and some new dance moves for characters to highlight their own style.

A new mechanic will also be introduced that allows players to activate it. previous seasons and you’ll then be able to play them, thus restarting Rival Incursion, Rival Escalation, Plaguefall, and Critical Corruption for everyone.

Among other new features, there is also a Double Performance Pass Bonus for participating in the sixth anniversary celebrations, and new cosmetic items and weapons will be available during the anniversary celebrations.

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