Danganronpa creator doesn’t care about selling a lot of games, he just needs to like them

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Video games are art, but they are also a commercial product that must be successful in order for a developer to continue creating and perhaps receive more budget for a more ambitious project. But not everyone is interested sell a lotFor example, it doesn’t matter in the slightest Kazutaka Kodakavideo game writer famous for Danganronpa and Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE, for example.

The revelation occurred in X, where Kodaka wrote in response to a user: “Why I only make games I love. So I don’t care if they sell well or not. Because it is more about perfection and it is not a game that everyone will like. “I want as many people as possible with similar sensibilities to buy my games.”

It all came out again in a series of posts on The creator is absolutely confident.

Sales still matter

Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE loves its creator himself

However, we should also point out that Kodaka did not say that he did not care whether his games were sold or not. They don’t care if they get incredible results. His goal is still to sell as much as possible, but within his niche, that is, “people with sensibilities similar to his own.”

Another detail is more interesting: The goal is not to create something perfect.because it will be less distinctive. Even things you might consider flaws are likely seen by Kodaka as essential elements of his style.

You What are you thinking Kodaka’s works?

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