Chrono Trigger: Square Enix asks fans how they want the remake to be done

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Square Enix wants to know from fans what kind of game to play remake related to Chrono Trigger they would like it. We’re talking about one of the most famous Japanese role-playing games ever, released for the Super Nintendo in 1995.

The request was made directly by me. Yoshinori KitazOn a recent episode of the My Perfect Console podcast hosted by Simon Parkin, he asked fans what the development team thought would be the best way to approach the remake of Chrono Trigger. modern audience.

No real announcement but…

Kitase mentioned three possible paths to take: a conversion, a graphical remaster, or a remake the size of Final Fantasy VII Remake. Parkin then shared his perspective, stating that he appreciated what Nintendo did with the remake of The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening. Kitase thanked him and said his advice was great.

Kitase is currently busy with the remake of Final Fantasy VII, whose second installment, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, has just been released. Who knows if the request for Chrono Trigger is just a suggestion or if there is something more concrete behind it? After all, we’re talking about one of the most famous Japanese role-playing games in history, so it wouldn’t be that strange if Square Enix decided to revive it in some way at some point.

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