Chained Echoes: amateur Italian translation available

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The game is considered one of the best Japanese role-playing games of recent years. Chained Echoesfinally playable Italian Thanks to your valuable work translation Chained Echoes Project Eng. The author of the initiative, Alessio Esposito, released the files for translating the various versions and also gave an update on the status of the work.

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“I am happy to inform you that the side quests are now 100% translated, but no revisions have been made for any grammatical or spelling errors,” Esposito wrote on the project’s Facebook page. On-screen dialogue continues, such as buttons, traders and so on. The menu, animals list, skills and the like are already translated but need fixing (especially character skills and crystal skills, I hated them). “ù” is not in the game given its actual absence in the English language, I will fix everything (or possibly replace ù with u’) by changing the language table as the last step of the project.

In short, the game is already there perfectly playable Only the latest corrections are missing in our language.

Esposito talked about the possibility of the patch coming Match. By the way, he also provided links to the versions. computer, Steam Decks And Nintendo Switch.

Version Nintendo Switch can only be converted by modifying the console and performing any operations that void the warranty. However, the patch can be installed via Yuzu in the emulated version. Anyone who wants to reward the author for all his hard work can donate something to him via Paypal (you can find the link on his site) Facebook page). Esposito notes that there is no obligation to donate to download the translation, so don’t feel obligated. However, if you appreciate it, you can also send him a coffee.

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