Capcom Ace Lawyer guarantees that the series will continue with new games

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There sherry related to Ace Lawyer will continue with new games: Capcom assured this through producer Kenichi Hashimoto, who wanted to reassure fans of the series during an interview with Japanese site 4gamer.

“I can’t reveal anything right now, but I can confirm that we’ve gained some experience creating adventures with RE Engine e Ace Lawyer series will not stopI hope you wait to learn more,” Hashimoto said.

From these words, it becomes clear that the intellectual property created by Shu Takumi on the Game Boy Advance will not be set aside, but will be enhanced on a visual level thanks to the use of the graphics engine. RE Engine.

Apollo Justice Trilogy coming soon

Cast of Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Trilogy

As is tradition when trying to reboot a franchise, Capcom will soon release Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Trilogy, a trilogy featuring three adventures starring the young but brilliant lawyer. Justice of Apollo.

Any good response to the collection will allow the Osaka company to pursue new projects connected to the franchise with even greater enthusiasm.

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