Call of Duty Warzone now uses Splat, a technique that cuts off cheaters’ parachutes

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Activision continues to fight against cheaters Call of Duty Warzone and announced that it added a new solution: cheat When they are thrown onto the map, they may find that their parachutes are cut off. Of course, this means they will fall to the ground and die instantly. “In a technical manner”Warning“.

Inside blog post Addressing concerns about cheaters in Call of Duty before the release of Modern Warfare 3, Activision announced the new trick it has prepared for cheaters in the free-to-play Battle Royale.

“With Splat, if a cheater is detected, we can randomly and for fun do this to disable his parachute. to fall on the ground Once it’s on,” Activision said.

“What if we catch them after they’re deployed? Well, Splat can too.” adjust player speed, turning a small jump into a 10,000-foot drop, knocking him out instantly. “This is one of many new tricks we’ve developed, and we’ll talk more about it in the future.”

Activision emphasized that Splat will not randomly activate for a player who is not verified to be cheating. Besides, Player reports not enough to activate and the game won’t even be able to accidentally use Splat.

Cheating problem in Call of Duty

Splat is just an additional solution in Call of Duty

Part of the problem is that Call of Duty cheats easy to obtain and relatively inexpensive. Cheat makers even offered free cheats for the Modern Warfare 3 beta in an attempt to advertise their premium cheats at the launch of the full game.

“Although It’s fun to piss off cheaters “We want to prevent gamers from entering the game,” Activision said, before urging players to enable two-factor authentication to protect their accounts.

Activision is using Ricochet anti-cheat technology (which can also steal cheaters’ weapons) “to make the front door harder to open.” It used new “obfuscation techniques” to make the game’s code harder for cheat creators to analyze, digitally locking the entire Call of Duty executable so that it was more difficult for cheat developers to modify the code and remove protections. “This is the ebb and flow of anti-cheat security,” Activision said.

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