Bungie: Nearly 100 employees laid off and Destiny 2 in sharp decline, new details from Bloomberg

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Detailed information about the personnel cuts came from Bloomberg pages. BungieOne of the studios that are part of Sony’s PlayStation Studios. In particular, we read the following in the report signed by Jason Schreier: Layoffs account for 8% of staff The company’s basic 100 of 1,200 employees comprehensive.

Staff cuts at the Bellevue studio, which includes famed composer Michael Salvatori, were previously confirmed by CEO Pete Parsons, but it was unclear how many employees had lost their jobs. However, reliable Bloomberg sources should be approached with caution in the absence of official communication.

Destiny 2 crashes and concerns about The Ultimate Forma

The report also explains that the likely cause of the layoffs is represented by one factor: Up to 45% drop in Destiny 2’s expected revenues compared to the study’s annual estimates. This detail would be shared with employees by Paterson during a meeting approximately two weeks ago; Paterson explained that this was mainly due to the poor loyalty of MMO players after the release of the latest expansion, The Eclipse. Yes, it was one of the most purchased games since the game’s release, but it was also highly criticized by the community.

Added to all this, and again to the reconstruction of the facts provided by Bloomberg’s sources, is that the next expansion pack, The Ultimate Form, is approaching. internal feedback “good but not great”This prompted Bungie to delay the launch from February to June 2024 to further develop the content.

At the same meeting, Parsons would convey to the staff Bungie planned to meet. Cutting costsHe added that everyone must work together to weather the storm by convincing employees to commit to doing whatever it takes to revive revenues, such as those for travel and wage and hiring freezes.

But an unfortunate development occurred on Monday, October 30, when dozens of employees who had meetings lasting approximately 15 minutes were added to their agendas to learn that they were part of mass layoffs at the company.

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