Bülbül: Stress test announced for early 2024

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Shooting GamesThe industry’s experienced studio led by Aaryn Flynnannounced that one will take place early next year stress test number of servers for the next shared survival game Nightingale.

The study published: new blog update and a new video to make the announcement, which includes the stress expected ahead of the game’s launch Early Access on February 22. This is the first open playtest. NightingaleThis will give all eager Realmwalkers a chance to play before launch. Shooting Games invites us to take part in the stress testing of the servers and help “break the portal network”, allowing the studio to rigorously test the servers Nightingale To ensure a smooth Early Access launch. All interested players can sign up at: Steam, where the game can also be added to a wishlist. More details about server stress testing will be shared soon.

Nightingale is an open world PVE survival crafting game played alone or cooperatively with friends. February 22, 2024 Open Steam And Epic Games Store. Players who want to learn more can visit the site. www.playnightingale.comto join Official Dispute and demand Nightingale on both platforms.

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