Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden trailer introduces two heroes

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Exiles: Ghosts of the New Eden manifests itself in a new way trailerCreated by DON’T NOD and Focus Entertainment to present i. two heroes The protagonists of the adventure are Red and Antea: companions and lovers, as well as witnesses to a tragedy.

Antea was actually seriously injured and becomes one of the ghosts The two usually hunt him down, but this new situation allows him to aid Red thanks to a host of supernatural powers with a mix of skills that can lead to spectacular clashes.

Released on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series on February 13 a completely new storyIt takes place in the late 1700s.

We tried!

When we tried Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden last August, we found the experience developed by DON’T NOD to be promising, thanks to its excellent combat system and use of advanced technology. Unreal Engine 5It has the capacity to provide advantages to the technical sector.

We will find out next February whether the developers will be able to draw an exciting picture from these assumptions that manages to stand out in the current action RPG panorama.

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