Armored Core 6 is selling very well in Japan but still needs to grow in the rest of the world

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Kadokawa, known to most as the parent company of FromSoftware, shared a new financial report and stated that sales Japan related to Armored Core 6 equal 700,000 units.

The data is considered positive (and rightly so, considering the epic is a niche market and Japan is a small one), but is accompanied by a less positive interpretation. In fact, it is stated that Global Sales It is expected to increase in the second half of the fiscal year (ending March 2024).

Although Kadokawa does not say that Armored Core 6 sales are below expectations, it is said that there will be an increase in the coming months. shows that the starting figure is not too high.

Armored Core 6 data is unofficial

Armored Core 6

before a Armored Core 6 voice actor He claimed that the game had reached 2.8 million copies worldwide. This would be a good result compared to the rest of the saga, but for now this is not an official figure.

We will have to wait until Kadokawa is ready to provide complete data to the world.

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