Armored Core 6: A mod for PC lets you play cooperatively

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Modder LukeYui is working on one of these: mode The most interesting thing ever seen Armored Core 6: Fires of the RubiconWill allow PC players to tackle campaign missions cooperative with other players.

The mod isn’t publicly available yet, but LukeYui has released a video of a pre-release build showing off the “Assault the Lookout” mission, and the result already looks pretty encouraging; the AI ​​responds quite well to the presence of more than one mod. This is probably due to the fact that NPCs often accompany us in the game.

The mode will feature six-player co-op with scalable difficulty

As mentioned above, the mod is not yet available for download at this time; The author first plans to make some changes and integrate various features such as: scaling of difficulty level Number of enemies relative to the number of players in the mission.

“Enemy scaling is not available in this build (referring to the video above), but will be available when the mod is released,” LukeYui said. “While the mod is functional and usable immediately, I want to spend as much time as possible fixing issues and adding QoL features to create an acceptable first version.”

Moreover, the mode supports up to two players for now, but LukeYui’s future plans are to get there. up to 6 people. In short, it is a very interesting project and worth following.

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