Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Trilogy, Capcom introduces controversial Denuvo system to PC

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A few weeks after launch, Capcom decided to implement the controversial anti-tamper system Denuvo to PC copy Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Trilogy It caused the usual controversy among users on Steam.

There has been no official announcement regarding this, but the existence of Denuvo was spotted with reference to a recently released update for the game. SteamDBMust be a very reliable source.

The software in question is generally applied by companies to newly released games on the PC and is thought to protect them from possible malware. make a copy and therefore may be distributed illegally.

Discussions on Denuvo

Apollo Justice in action

The problem is that it is software that appears to have it. negative effects Although there is no conclusive evidence that it has a negative impact on the workload of the systems, it does lead to an overall burden as well as performance issues.

The truth is that PC users have been waging this fight against Denuvo for years, because it actually tends to worsen the lives of gamers who originally purchased the original software. On the other hand, there is no shortage of findings and evidence to support the thesis that the security system leads to an overall deterioration in performance.

So much so that software companies often decide to remove it after the launch window has passed, because the biggest point of using such software is usually concentrated in this time period. We saw the release date and new trailer for Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney from Tokyo Game Show 2023.

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