Apex Legends x Final Fantasy 7: controversy over total price of items

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The latest event continues the crossover initiatives now unique to live service games. Apex Legends x Final Fantasy 7 We brought the Respawn game together with Square Enix’s RPG, but price total objects It’s up for grabs, causing a lot of debate among players argument attached.

The event kicks off today and is held to celebrate the arrival of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, scheduled for next month, and is based around the distribution of various items themed around the Square Enix game.

What we found among them skins, events, weapons and customizations Various content specifically referencing the cast of characters and events in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is distributed via microtransactions within special event packs.

The entire collection exceeds 300 Euros

Apex Legends x Final Fantasy 7 event cover

According to Electronic Arts, the packages do not contain copy objects, but it will be possible to find a special object related to the event in each of them and two standard objects in total. 36 special items this can be achieved.

THE packets The coin in question usually costs 1000 Apex Coins, which works out to around 9 euros. Considering that each package corresponds to a special object and that the chance of finding rare objects is low, it is clear that those who want to make a complete collection have to spend a large amount of money.

Even with a quick calculation, over 300 euros Buying all packs so you can find every item. Skins can also be purchased separately, but their price is 2,150 Coins, or around 20 Euros.

It’s true that it’s a bit ridiculous to expect to get all the special items from the event, but even just trying to get some key items requires serious expense, causing a lot of debate in the community about the methods used by EA, and Square Enix will be leading the initiative. As if that wasn’t enough, Respawn was also accused of using artificial intelligence for its crossover trailer.

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