Anthem: Former EA announces units sold; The game almost reached initial expectations

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Gaming history is full of major failures, games that failed from the word go and failed to improve in the months and years that followed. One of them Anthembut seems to have managed to sell some units. That’s right, let’s talk 5 million piecesConsidering this, it is not a very low figure. terrible first reception.

Information comes from LinkedIn profile Alexandre Scriabin, former EA employee He worked at the company for eleven years before leaving in 2021 as Director of Global Social Media Engagement.

As you can see above, Scriabin says the game sold 2 million units in its first week. A total of 5 million in an undetermined period of time.. Frankly, although this comes from a person working at the company, it is not official data.

Anthem, what did EA expect?


But how much does 5 million units of Anthem cost compared to EA’s expectations? According to the company’s statement dated May 2019, the aim was to make sales. Between five and six million units by March 2019 (The game was released in late February 2019).

However, we should not think that Anthem selling 5 million copies means that the game has reached expectations, provided that the data is accurate. In fact, EA talked about the data in the first month, and it was clear that the long-term target was significantly higher, given the “game as a service” nature of the product.

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