Alone in the Dark, David Harbor and Jodie Comer chronicle Derceto’s madness

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alone in the dark returns to reveal himself in the video with behind-the-scenes footage of the cast David Harbor and Jodie Comer They talk about your madness derceto and the various characters who populate this place seem out of time.

After discussing their experiences with Alone in the Dark, Jodie Comer and David Harbor explored their feelings about the adventure’s setting in this case. a real haunted house in this remake it presents itself as a kind of clinic for disadvantaged people.

They move inside mysterious figures, somehow fascinatingIn this game, where we will have the opportunity to interact in the role of Edward Carnby or Emily Hartwood, this aspect of the story changes depending on the hero we choose to control.

We returned to Derceto

We tried Alone in the Dark last December and found its imagined reinterpretation fascinating and promising. Mikael Hedberg, former author of Amnesia and SOMA During her time on Frictional Games.

What was missing during testing was the action phase, which was a bit too crude and inconsistent, but the extra months the development team requested for launch could have been fully used to improve these aspects of the game.

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