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Alan Wake II Review | Alan’s night journey will continue. Thus, thirteen years ago, the first part of the dark adventure Alan Wake. In these thirteen years, children SolutionEntertainment They certainly did not sit idle, they took their desire to experiment to higher levels. quantum breaking away 2016 and then Control Inside 2019 (If you’re interested in his work, we’ll refer you.) area official). With Alan Wake IIThe Finnish software company has outdone itself and given us a title that immediately manages to grab you, dragging you into its icy dark waters.

Return to Bright Falls

Despite the many years that have passed, even the events Alan Wake II turn around Bright WaterfallsThe classic American town surrounded by lush (and dangerous) forests and filled with natural attractions is, after all, Kazan Lake, the mysterious lake of disappearances. But this time we won’t immediately assume the role of the cursed author, rather, The new hero of the series is Saga AndersonAn FBI agent sent with his colleague to Bright Falls Alex CaseyTo investigate a series of murders committed by a local cult.

We can notice from the first moments of the game An important difference from its predecessor: We have a map of the entire playground and will be able to explore it freely at our own risk. Therefore, we will not find ourselves in some kind of corridor where we will have to move from point A to point B; We will be given objectives to complete to continue the plot.

Let’s not forget this Alan Wake II does a littlesurvival element It’s one of its strong points and having maps that make exploring easier is definitely an added value. It will also be important to delve deeply into the playing field to find as many resources as possible to face the challenges that await us. Finally, all playgrounds has been greatly expanded in a way that gives us much more freedom of action and a greater scope in the events described.

Alan Wake

When you look at the abyss for a long time…

One of the strong points of the new title Resort lies precisely in the management of the two heroes of the story, Alan Wake And Anderson saga. Our new hero will have to move somewhere. hostile and dark environment, It’s full of characters that look like they came from the pen of a crazy writer. During his investigations, Saga will collect many clues that need to be worked on to reach the solution. To do this, title We have Saga’s Mental Palace This is nothing more than a state of deep concentration in which the detective can examine all the collected data.

This mystical place will serve as a collection point not only for clues to the case, but also for clues. lots of collections that we will encounter during our journey. In fact, the title is full of objects that can be found in various game areas, and some will delve deeper into the characters and environments, while others will provide us with bonuses. For example, we will find some supply boxes Only after doing this will we be able to open I solved a certain puzzle or nursery rhymes Once this is resolved it will give us necklaces with passive abilities.

But the exploration will not be without obstacles: during our wanderings in the forest We may encounter the possessedpeople who come into contact with the darkness of the earth and therefore resort to extreme violence. In the combat system we can find all the survival nature of the title: Creatures that are particularly difficult to defeat will often require a costly outlay in terms of resources. It will therefore be essential to manage conflicts and ammunition wastage to avoid risking finding ourselves stranded in even more dangerous situations.

Alan Wake

…the abyss looks into you

If we act in a real environment with Saga, Alan Wake date changes. Our writer is in prison dark place for thirteen long years and during that time he did nothing but try to escape, entering a cycle that was impossible to break. The environments he moves through can all be attributed to the real-world New York. I am immersed in a kind of endless night. The streets are dark and silent except for our author’s gloomy companions, the shadows moving within.

Alan’s challenge will be able to write a story about his escape. Dark place: Figuring out where he is is not easy at all, and we will have to navigate our way not only through enemy shadows, but also through Alan’s illusions and paranoia fueled by the prevailing darkness. The stages where we find ourselves imitating our writer are definitely the stages that perform best. also thanks to the scary and claustrophobic environments that will test your nerves.

Beyond that, we will be able to experience truly masterful live action scenes which will take us even deeper into the madness of Alan Wake. Although these levels are, on the one hand, the levels with the best performance in terms of direction and adjustment, on the other hand, they also The hardest thing to understand is events and requires the player’s full attention to avoid running the risk of losing essential pieces of the plot.

Alan Wake

When cinema meets video games

certainly title is not perfect. Shooting stages are cumbersome and confusing and the characters move with a woodenness that undermines the play’s most exciting moments. They are also available technical problems ruining the gaming experience errors and glitches, without counting system crash which forces the application to restart. On the other hand, the factors that enable this Alan Wake II a memorable title first class typing and gaming settings This helps in identification to the maximum extent.

Bright Waterfalls And Aqueous (another town that can be explored in the game) is beautifully rendered and characterized by specific elements and areas. From abandoned amusement park to retirement homeall gaming venues convey to us the sense of decadence and misery experienced by their inhabitants. dark place, especially a real gem: a New York is gloomy, dark and dirtyplunged into perpetual night and punctuated by a breakdown that constantly references Alan’s subconscious in the form of graffiti scattered everywhere.

The writing, then, is a masterful thing. The story flows with a mastery worthy of the best thrillers; above all, thanks to strong twists and references to past events in other films. Resort. Live action episodes During Alan’s levels they finally represent The point of contact between cinema and video games: The two art forms blend in a harmony that is hard to find.

Despite all these facilities, we are not surprised. nominations received Game Awards will compete Wake II Wins Game of the Year Award.

Alan Wake

Alan Wake II presents itself as the masterpiece from the guys at Remedy, and while the title is technically dirty and has some gameplay inaccuracies, it certainly hits the mark in terms of editing and writing. Saga Anderson is an expertly written and characterized character, and she plays the role of the protagonist admirably. Even Alan Wake remains excellent despite the passage of time and allows us to experience tension that we rarely experience. As long as you’re not afraid of the dark, it’s definitely a game worth trying and experiencing.

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