Alan Wake 2: Update 12 available on PC and console, many improvements implemented

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Alan Wake 2 The update continues on its way with the arrival ofupdate 12It’s available for a few hours on PC and console and includes several features improvements implemented on all platforms and in different areas of the game.

The update brings PS5 and Xbox Series There are a lot of new features and they can all be read at: this addressinside official patch notes Published by Remedy Entertainment.

There are many elements and in most cases they are progress Blocking tasks in the game and thus causing players to stop.

Alan Wake 2, an image of the game

Therefore, among the major innovations there is the possibility of: move objects This will be able to prevent imminent switching, fix errors with saving in certain cases, disable checks and various other fixes.

Most of these fixes are cross-platform and aim to fix a few. questLike stages in nursery rhymes and more, but various tweaks are also aimed at adjusting performance on PC.

On this front, some issues that occurred with NVIDIA DLSS Framing on PC have been fixed, while others have also been fixed. frame rate drops specifically saved on PS5.

Generally different corrections these were then applied to various aspects of the interface, sound, animations and graphics, as well as certain bug fixes within missions.

Meanwhile, along with a trailer and enthusiastic press quotes, we also saw that it wasn’t among the 150 most played games on PS5 and Xbox Series in October.

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