Alan Wake 2: Patch 1.08 available with over 200 fixes and improvements

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Remedy released1.08 update related to Alan Wake 2 It’s apparently a huge patch on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series, so much so that it doesn’t work.More than 200 individual fixes and improvements” for the game.

Therefore, we see changes in almost every aspect of the game. problems with certain tasks, localization, game interface or lip-syncing and subtitle errors. There are also minor improvements to gameplay that are not better mentioned and more precise assisted targeting with the controller in certain situations of the adventure.

Among the most notable platform-specific changes is an improvement to image stuttering in Performance mode. Xbox Series S Fixed the issue that caused the graphics settings on the PC to be reset every time the application was restarted, and added drag-and-drop support for inventory management using the mouse.

If you want to know more, you can find the long official notes for Alan Wake 2 update 1.0.8 a. this address.

Alan Wake 2 is one of the best games of October

Alan Wake 2 seems to have not disappointed the expectations for now, so much so that editors and readers rated it as Super Mario Bros. It was crowned among the best games of October 2023, along with Wonder.

In our Alan Wake 2 review, we told you that Remedy’s latest work combines impressive technical achievement with a compelling narrative and memorable sequences. However, we were surprised by the lack of cleanliness of the game code provided by the patches of the last few days, the poor variety of environments, enemies and weapons, and overall very relegated gameplay. Giving ample space to the narrative.

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