Alan Wake 2 becomes the fastest-selling Remedy game ever with 1.3 million copies

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Remedy Entertainment announced sales figures Alan Wake 2The sales figure, which reached 1 million copies at the end of last year, reached 1 million copies at the beginning of February. 1.3 million copies. This result places it at: the game sold faster in the history of the studio.

By way of comparison, Remedy claims more than 50% more copies were purchased in two months (and even triple when considering digital delivery alone) compared to Control’s purchase in four months.

Remedy expects excellent sales figures in the long term

Again referring to Control, the adventure starring Jesse Faden has sold a total of 4 million copies since 2019 and made a net profit of 100 million euros. According to Remedy, this is a clear example of how a quality game can break records. excellent numbers in the long run A similar path is expected for Alan Wake 2. In this sense, we also know that the game will be supported with two paid DLCs that will expand the story throughout 2024.

Remedy has other projects in its plans: Condor, Control 2 and the first two Max Payne remakesAccording to CEO Tero Virtala, the development pace increased after the release of Alan Wake 2.

“We are pleased that sales of Alan Wake 2 have started,” Virtala said. “The price has also remained high, and the game has already covered a significant portion of its development and marketing expenses. We will continue to improve the game to serve existing fans and attract new players, and we expect the game to continue selling well.” “.

“The successful launch of Alan Wake 2 also supported our other projects: Condor, Control 2 and Max Payne 1 & 2 Remake, which increased the pace of development thanks to the staff released after Alan Wake 2, and we expect these projects to reach the target audience. Next development stages in the first half of 2024.

“We now have two established franchises: Control and Alan Wake. Solution Connected Universe. “The growth and expansion of these franchises will be an important part of our future.”

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