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Birding in Jamaica

Jamaican Tody

Jamaican Tody

Jamaica had an abundance of birdlife across a surprisingly diverse range of habitats. In fact, Jamaica has more endemic bird species than any other Caribbean island! It also boasts a high number of Caribbean specialities. The number of endemic birds is as follows:

  • 28 Endemics
  • 19 Endemic Sub-species
  • 18 Caribbean Endemic species / sub-species

The numbers are impressive but cannot do justice to the colourful and unusual nature of Jamaica’s birds - you must come and see for yourself! Jamaica is the third largest of all the Caribbean Islands, 146 miles from east to west and 51 miles from north to south. From the coastal plains to the densely forested mountains, Jamaica contains a great variety of landscapes and vegetation. Key habitats include the coast, wetlands, montane forest, farmland and both wet and dry limestone woodland. Each habitat contains a distinctive avifauna but all of the key species can be found in a few, readily accessible sites. In fact, the ease with which so many endemic birds can be found is one of the reasons why Jamaica is becoming such a popular destination. Here at Green Castle, we are proud of the fact that all but one of the island’s endemics have been recorded on our estate; an amazing total of 171 species have been recorded so far.

Streamertail - Redbilled subspecies

Streamertail - Redbilled subspecies

Tall mountain ranges form the spine of the eastern part of island, including the famous Blue and John Crow Mountains, with extensive montane forest habitat. The key birding sites lie within a two-hour drive of Greencastle. Our estate itself boasts a diversity of ecosystems, including forest, freshwater ponds, pasture and coastline. It all adds up to make Green Castle the ideal base for any birding trip to Jamaica!

Jamaican Woodpecker
Group birding at Greencastle with our Bird Guide
Jamaican Mango at one of our feeders outside every bedroom door at the estate villa
Group Birding at Greencastle with Bird Guide
Bird watching break
Northern Potoo

Northern Potoo

Arrowhead Warbler

Arrowhead Warbler

Green Castle eco resort Trail Map
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