Green Castle Estate
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The History of Green Castle

Old Spanish tower

Green Castle Estate has a vibrant and fascinating history. Evidence of Green Castle's past can be experienced in surprising places all over the Estate. Visitors can step inside our historic windmill tower built in the 1600's, or find shards of pottery on Davey Hill from the original Green Castle inhabitants, the Taino Indians around 900AD. The landscape is inspiring, and as you sit on the Estate House veranda looking out to sea, you can imagine tall ships coming into Jacks Bay to collect sugar, rum, cocoa and bananas to take back to European markets. No doubt bloody battles ensued between the Spanish and the British or the Pirates.Take a walk on the natural eco beach and you will see pieces of brick and English coal dropped on the natural eco beach when it was a busy port during Green Castle's plantation days.

Green Castle's rich Jamaican heritage is helping us to define its future. Green Castle is deliberately building a long term plan for sustainable tourism and agriculture that integrates the local community and local business partners. All Green Castle stakeholders are working toward financially viable and environmentally friendly tourism and land uses that are sustainable and in harmony with the diverse eco-systems that make Green Castle the special place that it is.

Looking through the ruin

Green Castle Estate is a historic and remarkably beautiful 1600 acre property located on the north coast of Jamaica. The property has a network of community and business stakeholders that work together to make the estate and the area successful. The owners unique approach at Green Castle is to focus on tourism, while developing entrepreneurial opportunities for local businesses such as GC Orchids, Green Castle Organic, Jacks Bay Beach, Vince Edwards Apiary, Sala's Lawn Restaurant and bar and Eastern Livestock Development Association.

Green Castle is about bringing together diverse stakeholders that are committed to a positive future that supports financially, socially and environmentally sustainable development at Green Castle and its environs.

Come for a visit, and you are helping us build a sustainable future, writing a modern chapter in Green Castle's fascinating history.

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Haughton River at Green Castle Estate

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Our wonderful Greencastle Estate.

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